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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Hood Girlz 2" Promotion

Order "Hood Girlz 2" from now until November 5, 2013. for only $1.99. Use the Coupon Code below to get the special at Smashwords only.

Promotional price: $1.99
Coupon Code: HZ74E
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Behind Chyna's writing...

In "Hood Girlz 1 & 2" Chyna gives you a realistic perspective. She have strong female characters leading the way, but she don't try to make them superheroes. She don't make her characters unbelievable by taking away their soft, weak part that most women have for their men. Chyna also keeps it 100 by showing that a female really goes through it. Her writing is insightful, and intriguing, and displays that she speaks and writes from a real point of view.
If you haven't read "Hood Girlz 1 & 2" make sure you get your copy at, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, E-book, I-Tunes, and other online sites.